Everything is a miracle.
The life we live.
The good times and bad times.
Happiness, satisfaction, contentment, sadness, and joy.
The richness of nature.
The millions of colors, the spaciousness of the sky, and the vastness of the ocean.
We are blessed with miracles.


The miracles of life are abundant.
Miracles are everywhere, every time, everything.
We can’t even count how much the miracles are.
Yet, we still feel dissatisfied with it.


We crave more and more.
Our desires are never-ending.
To consume, exploit, and scavenge.
Yet, we already have more than what we need.


How unfortunate!
to be unaware of the miracles.
Fortunately, we are still lucky.
We can be aware of the miracles.


Miracle is here and now.
We don’t need to search for it.
We don’t need to wait for it.


Miracles are abundant.
We only need to be aware of it.
We only need to see clearly for it.


Wake up and open your eyes.
With the energy of mindfulness
we can keep in touch with miracles.
With the conscious awareness
we can live a life that is rich with miracles.