In childhood, I used to visit temples and do fasting as others were doing and as I was guided to do by my grandmother. In seventh standard, I became a big fan of Lord Rama, for reasons unknown to me, may be, because of Ramayan serial. Yes, I was crazy about lord Rama, even one of my teachers used to call me little Hanuman. I used to write Jai Sri Ram on my arm, on my copies and  even on my bicycle. I have no clue why! I was not comfortable with other Bhagwans :).

My problem is, when I say I believe in this, and then I don’t like to visit others. With the passage of time this love was getting reduced, but sometimes, I still feel that connection with lord Rama. In 2016, it was my first visit to the Ashram and here I found my best friend, Sri Hari. Initially, I did not connect with him, because he was totally different. I even did not know as to who he was, but as time passed, I come to know more about him.

The turning point came, when I later visited Ashram and Swami ji was in solitude. At that time I got opportunity to  interact with my Sri Hari. I found him really close. I never thought I would say that ever but I have to admit I have a strong bond with him now. I don’t chant his mantras, I don’t do Aarti daily, but I sit with him even if I get a moment. I just talk to him and that in itself is healing. It helps me a lot. Whenever I have a bad day, then I just grab a moment with him and I feel relaxed.

His beautiful smile makes things easier and truth to be told the day he came into my life he has never left me. We smile together, we cry together, we fight together and that makes our relationship so beautiful. Sometimes I even forget he is actually Bhagwan, the way I behave with him, then he reminds me very nicely. He is very sweet but when he sees you doing all the useless things in the world instead of doing what you ought to be doing then he brings you back on track.

He is a kind of jinn for me. Whenever, I need something, what I have to do is only to tell him and I have no clue from where I get that thing. I call him king of miracles, as he is. I could have never imagined my life the way I am living it, right now. I don’t say I am happy all the time or there is no pain, but he gives me strength too. I am telling you, if you stay honest with him, you have no idea what he can do for you. 

Thank you,

Keep Smiling,

Riya om

Editing Credit: Mr. RIS Sidhu uncle