In 1938, Karoly Takacs was a soldier in the Hungarian army, besides being an excellent shot. Hungary desperately wanted to win an Olympic gold medal in those days. During the Hungarian National Games, serviceman Karoly won gold medals and fuelled the whole country’s hopes for winning gold in the pistol event for the 1940 Olympics.

Destiny had some other plans, though. A grenade burst in Karoly’s right hand (which he used for aiming) during army training, and it had to be amputated. Disability is an immensely difficult situation and most people may even lose hope of living. But he faced this situation with immense courage and willpower.

He began training with his left hand. A few months later, at the 1939 Hungarian national games, he came into the limelight again. His wish to perform in the Olympics surprised everyone, and he was granted permission to participate.

He miraculously won the gold medal in the Olympics for Hungary! People were nonplussed. How was this possible? The hand with which he was unable to write a year back, how could it be trained to achieve a gold medal?

Yet Karoly managed this impossible feat due to his interminable willpower — an almost impossible thing for a normal person to achieve.

Normally, a person is filled with desires each moment, but we do not achieve them all. Why? We have the power to fulfil only those desires which are fused with internal strength and this strength is called the ‘willpower’. Karoly used this strength to achieve his aim and, today is an inspiration for us all.

Willpower is required for doing everyday things like — studying, waking up early, maintaining ideal body weight, acquiring success, art or developing some quality or skill within us, etc. When we want to achieve things, we should be able to fire up our willpower.

How do we do this? We can imagine ourselves with the completed aim and feel how happy it would make us. Count the things that would be gained. Feel the increased respect in the eyes of people.

We can then plan and map the steps to be taken in small achievable tasks. Doing this should inspire and help us towards our aim and we should capitalise on our willpower fully and try and achieve it in full swing.

When we contemplate and see the truth in these things then it helps us achieve self-control. This helps fuel our willpower in the right direction leading to achieving our aim.

Working in this manner where no stress or challenge can control us and we can achieve whatever we want to with a balance. After all, it’s our – wish!

Excerpted from Ichha shakti – by Sirshree

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