This is about the faith in Swamiji When I visited swamiji in Towrang , Sri Hari temple needed lots of work to be done.Swamiji request was anyone can afford  donate $100 per month but first look after your family then only donate he said.he also mentioned Sri Hari will definitely do something for you.
For me anything coming from swamiji is Veda Vakku. 
Came home requested my husband to send for one year money , he did. I also did send second year too.
All along not expecting anything or asking anything from Sri Hari.
Now my husband retired I said to him we are living in this old house for 30 years it is cold also need to repair all the time as the house age is 80 years.
He is not keen but started looking for younger house.we could not afford the prices which I like , in that process one friend suddenly suggested I will help you , if you build your own small house will be cheaper. I secretly wished that as many people doing now.for my surprise my husband agreed, bank loans and finding land all went as though putting like jigsaw   puzzle  together.
Time come now to sell the old house.closest friend said I will buy,we thought good idea with out stress we can shift.but it did not work out. 
Suddenly we went to market , middle of the winter fewer people to buy we were very stressed out thinking we may not be able to sell for good price..but house prices suddenly increased because of the shortage of houses in the was sold way more  than the price we were planning to sell before .
We both were in shock how this is possible? How did it happen ?
I realised all this is MIRACLE OF SRI HARI.
I gave him so little like smaller than grain of sand.but here Sri Hari gave us back what I was wishing last 15 years.
This is the miracle I this day I pinch myself is it really happened ?
Mainly my husband was averse to do the process.still can’t believe.
Miracles do happen when you have faith.