I have numerous incidences where I have cried to Sadhvi Ji and Swami ji. Each time with their help, I do make it out of the mess of mine and world’s doings.

I have established my own fact that miracles do occur. I have also established that the Beings with elevated consciousness (Swami Ji and Sadhvi ji) can change the course of things. They can intervene and help me. They may or may not realise that they have done it for me.


The next established fact is that I will have to keep asking them often to intervene in my affairs, to change the direction of things affecting me.

NOW this not a very stable life!

Why am I destined to be in this quagmire and keep asking for help? I can never do proper meditation if I spend 16 hours in a conflicted environment full of power struggles, counter punchers and so on………….
If I cannot meditate properly (each day) the other fact with liner proportionality is that I am unable to elevate my consciousness!

Yes, Swami has permanently blessed me with other virtues such as kindness, compassion, honesty (to a reasonable degree) and discipline (my ancestors gave it to me). But these virtues are not enough to constantly fight the battle of life!

Thus, my questions to Sadhvi Ji and Swami ji are:

a) Do you not run out of these powers at some point after helping so many of us (I sound like 10 years old, sorry)? But I do genuinely worry about this!

b) How does the nature select when to get Swami ji or Sadhvi Ji to intervene and when not to? For instance, today my ugly thoughts just got wiped after 5-6 weeks of hell. I reconciled with my have’s and have not’s! How long this clean (wiped out) state will last, God only knows!

c) At times I am wailing in pain and no help comes to rescue for weeks/ months. Why does this happen? I do not have Dr. Vani’s non-stop level of protection (by Swami ji). Mine is a bit of a hit and a miss. Not complaining but asking a question, as to why is it a hit and miss so that I can fix it.

I apologies in anticipation if anyone interprets or finds this read unpalatable or insulting. I am just trying to reach out to Swami ji and Sadhvi Ji. Not seen them since October 2019.

Jai Shri Hari