They stand there, wailing and crying; these self-willed, foolish illiterates ones have wasted their lives.

A professor entered the class with a glass of water in his hand and asked the students the weight of the glass.Some students said 100 gms, some 400 gms.He said, this glass of water is as long as you hold it.

How is that? The students asked, he replied if you hold on to the glass for a minute an put in on the table,it weighs practically nothing, now if you hold the same glass for 3 hours , you will feel an acute pain in your arm and if you hold if for 2 days, you could be admitted in a hospital. It is not the weight of the glass that’s important, but how long you hold on to it.

The same principle applies for any misery in life. How long you hold on to the wounds, scars of the past determines the duration of your suffering. The sooner you deal with it, take is as a lesson and move on, the sooner the better.

People deal with a big loss in a day because they can’t undo the past or they keep the memory fo a broken glass for years and never forgive the person who broke it.Be strong to hold on to the things that matter in life and be stronger to let go of past memories.
The choice is always there for you.

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