1. Yeah,that is not completely wrong that if we study hard in this moment then we can make most of it in future or we can enjoy the benefits.But it is definitely not the complete truth that’s why the title is ‘Misleading Advice’.

Then what is the complete truth? Well,the complete truth is Brahma is Satya hai(chuckles).

Okay,back to the topic;when we are advised to study hard so that your future can become bright.It is strange that we always engage ourselves in thinking about our future.That our future would be like this or that.We will have so much of fun..blah! blah! blah! and we also think that the future events or the feelings we will experience in future will always motivate us to do our present task.But here is the catch.It can motivate you temporarily but can’t help you to make you to give 100% in your present.

Here one more very important thing.When we think the notion of time as past, present, future.Then we have this idea-If I said past;we could have an image of any King in our mind and when I say future we could have image of flying cars in our mind.So when I said ‘future’ in previous paragraphs,I am talking about this notion of future.

But let’s make a revolution.Obviously, revolution in perspective.Think like that…. Considered one particular second as present,one second back in clock as past and one second forward in clock as future.


So we are free to choose our time frame.Now we can tell our child that beta,study for one hour(which will be present for him) and in the next hour(which would be the future for him) you will have immediate results; extraordinary results in future.Like after one hour,you can experience more peace as you had finished your task properly.After one hour you can apply all concepts which have you learned in previous hour.

Here the concept is same that Abhi padh lo..bad me mauj hai..We just have only changed our perspective.And when child begin to experience those moments of joy,bliss,those application of learning instantly then they will develop interest in that stuff.

They can experience how they are learning, growing after each passing second.How they are becoming better version of themselves just after one tick of clock.This can bring revolution.They will not only learn to live in the present moment but they will also start to enjoy that moment and make 100% of it.

So each and every day of calendar will have its past, present, future.Wait a second…or might be we are just living one grand day as our whole life with the experience of past, present and future.(Scary?.. Haha)



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