Today, I marched forward on my mission after much procrastination and hiatus!

Well, not a critical pursuit but a meaningful one that requires some preparation.

So, I got into my gear, prepared the kits, scooped my bag, and dashed to where I, daily, used to feed twelve dogs, including a few pups.

I found only four of them.

To my surprise,

  • They did not ruin my gear as usual (the clothes/footwear/masks set aside owing to their lugging and playing with me).
  • None yanked my bag of kits (signaling me to hurry-serve the food) but rather gobbled up their food with surprising calm.

I suspected my break with them, due to travel back home, drove them to forget me.
I left them still eating and walked back home.

At the main entry, I turned over and saw four tails wagging and saying, “we ain’t the forget ya kind!”

My world followed me home. 

But, I wonder where the rest have gone. And that’s the sad part of loving stray friends; I wait for them to return but they leave, either the place or forever, as Koochee and Rockie did.

My friend said, consoling me, “that’s animal life, they find their new ways, and we should not force it to be human-like,” but be a good human to them!

Koochee, is gone forever…

But here is the encouraging thing:

My mission restarted—in making the world a little more animal-inclusive.

We, together can, in the ways we can! Right?

Image credit: by  Trinity Kubassek