•         प्यार है एक ऐसी चाहत, जिसे हर इंसान है चाहता|

        न यह गलत, न नामुमकिन, न ही प्यार है बहुत महंगा|

        फिर आखिर क्यों इस भाव की इतनी कमी है?

        आखिर क्यों सब की खुशी इसकी कमी से ही थमी है? 

Hey dear friends, you may have read these lines in my self composed poem “आखिर क्यों?”, already posted on my page. So which love I’m talking about here? Love that makes our life joyful, it is the love which makes us complete but now a days many people just starve for that form of pure, soul to soul love. 

Today I am going to share my answer to the  question asked through these lines I mean the questions my own mind had raised! 

First of all let me tell you why and when my mind started to ask such questions. I have seen some people in my life, who just resist to even understand that expression of love is required for a happy and prosperous life. Taking steps to change themselves in this regard is something far away from them.

It took  atleast a decade when with Divine grace my spiritual journey got started and I started self love and inner work. I read books on spiritual wisdom, established a loving connection with nature.

Only then my perspective got changed instead of continually trying to change someone, my mind started to raise such questions, why it is so difficult for them to understand? I reached to the root cause which comes from childhood of almost every person. I realised that all human sufferings are only due to lack of love. Yes I can claim this, as love and its byproducts like happiness, purity, peace, divinity are the original qualities of a soul in its purest form. Love is the basic characteristic of every soul but after taking birth in human body, a baby expresses love through smiles and other gestures just for two three years. As we grow up we just forget those real characteristics of our soul. Why? The reason is the ignorance of mankind to the fact that love is the only super power which helps us to lead a happy life. 

Today many married couples are just passing their lives in one house. Living separately in the same house, not enjoying each others’ company. Their hearts require only love and acceptance but each of them is too egoistic to express themselves in front of the other or they have just taken their steps back after trying to prove themselves so hard. Many times They live with resentments and hurt prevailing in their hearts. Searching love outside but not trying to balance the situation with their own destined partner. In the process they forget about the little hearts, God has sent to them to be taken care of. Those little hearts never get the full form of love from their parents ,as the parents themselves are empty within from love. Lack of love becomes a lifelong blockage of their inner self. 

Even when parents have no resentments or problems in their relationship, the expression of love is missing somehow. I mean real expression, to give hugs, to express love through eyes, through words of appreciation. Do we show respect, love and appreciation for our life partner in front of those little observers? How much we teach them to express love to their siblings? At the most we teach them to share things or not to fight but those values are not sufficient. It’s not the home schooling which is required but it is a love- filled atmosphere which will definitely solve many domestic as well as social problems. Because every grown up man or woman is mirroring whatever they have seen in their childhood. So if they have not seen any expression of love at their home and have lived the same expression less life, like machines, then how can they express their love to their life partner? It’s a pattern which is running in cycles. 

We teach our children social responsibilities but we don’t teach them to express their love by not reflecting the qualities of love, peace and politeness ourselves. Loving and nurturing ourselves and the people around us always mirror that love back to us. Love brings happiness, health and success but lack of love makes a person’s life miserable. 

So let’s nurture our kids with more and more love. Come on parents, let’s smile more, and fill our hearts with pure love and happiness❤🙏 Let’s join this Mission- Spread Love for the betterment of ourselves and for the upcoming generations👍💕