We all make mistakes, we all have dark secrets, we all have nightmares, we all have that oops moment but what if it takes us a bold step. What it takes to come forward and accept I made a mistake, what it takes is to be true to yourself and accept the situation.

Life as always said by elders is a roller coaster ride and it is not same always. There are times when we make mistakes, help people, make friends, and make enemies. What is it like when we start the journey called life and the time phase that we have?

Toddlers: we weren’t concerned about good bad, friends’ foes. We were just worried about our food, sleep, and defecation. Our only concern was our parents and siblings

Adolescence:  School, books, friends, learning experiences fights, patch-up we grow up and we start making perceptions. We start keeping grudges, we start hating (a big word but true)

Teenage: more learning, more friends, crushes, makeups, breakups, make be first pinch of drugs (and the mistakes start). Fights grow ugly, revenge is in the list and people are not worth talking to. We grow up but we lose the innocence of life.

College: more studies, professional life, we make the enemies for life(mistake), more drugs (a big mistake), a lot of fights that too turn ugly (big, big mistake). Breakups turn into hate (mistake again)

Job: professional rivalry (perfectly ok), making it personal (a big mistake), keeping grudges(mistake) making life a clean slate (lets work on it)

Family: these creatures walk with us throughout our life with different names but one thing that is important is that these are the one who love us, care for us, make us laugh, cry with us under different names. Still, we have incidences where we make them feel bad or hurt them, they are the one who support us, but we fight with them (sometimes needed) but the biggest mistake that we do is that we stop talking to them (biggest one). The ones who love us care for us we just make them feel bad by just being rude.

Mistakes are good as we learn from them, but if we don’t learn from them and keep on making new every day then that is a problem. Its hard to accept your mistakes and say sorry, but it is a wonderful feeling when you can make people understand that you have realized your mistake and it was your ego or centeredness that didn’t made you accept it. Time is the best healer and when we give time to a relationship and people it grows and when you understand that love is what is going to be with you throughout life then it is always great.

If you truly respect and care for someone, just go and say sorry to the person and make peace with the individual as that is what is going to be with you in your life.