When we are here, we think of being somewhere in the past. When we were in that moment in the past, we thought of being somewhere else – an imaginary perfect land. 

How nothing ever satisfies us! Anything we would choose over anything else, it never would suffice. There’s always a void inside which makes us move frantically from one place to another, from one relationship to another, from one job to another. But it all comes down to the same sadness again. 

Why does this sadness feel to be more permanent than anything?

How far have we come from ourselves? This incompleteness has become a part of our beings. The loneliness that we feel even amidst the people who love us and whom we love, is the most disheartening place to ever be!


Where am I

In a vast dark abyss

Slowly engulfing me

Into its threatening depths 

There’s no light or skies

Too far from my own self

Into a terrifying numbness


The mind extends its 

Restless arms 

Shouts aloud for a helping hand

To be pulled out from this hell

But all in vain


Would it destroy me 

Just like it did before

How would I stand 

On my fragile feet again

It seems so tiresome

The effort life demands