I was dancing to this beautiful song by Monali Thakur, Moh moh ke dhaage. It felt like such a perfect song at the time; occasion, attire, mood everything was in synch. It was such a beautiful rendition of the thoughts.

At times with people, acquaintances and some dear ones, your paths cross in such a beautiful way that you are entangled in mysterious ways and yet are at two ends. You spend dusks and dawns untangling the strings. The more time you spend or are attached to the string the more stories you tie as knots. It is a beautiful play of emotions and sentiments. Some fond memories and some mischievous tears. You were just as fine on your own way but ever careless and carefree to have crossed paths and entangled with fellow travellers.

While you engage with them, feel the joys, laughter, teasing, frolic, some downs, sorrowful moments, quiet days, broken ties and unfortunate byes. All these make your journey colourful, with all its hues. Dance to the very tune of life, I like to tell this to myself. What’s joy without a splash of blues? What’s life without crests and troughs? You will leave behind all these at the finish line, you never know when your race is finished. Chasing the prize, getting hold of the baton only to pass it on.

Those beautiful relation, which you have to leave behind as life goes on. Even those relations which are broken and you are keeping on for the sake of people even those you let go when the time comes. Then there are some special, most beautiful unnamed relations that you smile at when you close your eyes and think about, yes even those fade away with the motion of life. True and meaningful relations are formed on the basis of simple smiles and shiny bright eyes. You flow in the pristine river of world. When will the water stop flowing and you will leave behind all the life and lustre is a mystery. 

While it is mere acceptance of the cycle of life that makes everything less painful and detachment easy, you still cross paths with beautiful souls and change your direction and walk with them miles and miles before turning right back and afoot on your eternal journey.


Happy Chath Puja to all! Also Belated Diwali Wishes 💕

Pic: There is light everywhere, around every dark corner, after every dark night. Nature is ever beautiful and brings light and fresh perspective in life.