I know most of you would not have liked the title and even I doubted it initially but found courage to question it among the seekers. 

Before going ahead and discussing its worth, I believe its important to understand what is Moksha in our perception. Most of believes that overcoming the cycle of samsara i.e. cycle of life and death is what we call it Moksha. If this truly Moksha than is it true we are seeking this? Lets question ourselves and we should better be straight and truthful this time. Unless we know where we stand  in most probability will not be able to reach the desired goal in desired time. 

Let’s question it further – Why we want to overcome or free ourselves from cycle of life and death? Certainly there must be something which drove us towards this quest. 

Are setbacks in life ( relationship, professional etc.) or imperfect health or unfavorable outcomes or fear of death or fear of loss of loved ones or is it another desire we got after listening others? I don’t want to discourage anybody but want to probe so that we can find our true goals basis present state of mind. Don’t you think if dissatisfaction is leading towards this goal than there is something very basic which is wrong. Instead putting eye on Moksha don’t you think we shall find ways (next step) that can lead us to joy and happiness? 



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