Mommy, I picked up the litter. My son came back screaming as he stepped inside. I looked at him, acknowledged his act, smiled back, and appreciated him. My office hours were still not over and since he is aware that I work until 4 p.m, he left happily to his room. 

I was not very sure why he is so happy holding something that appeared like an empty wrapper of some candy bar. However, his smile made me feel warm and I thanked Lord to provide him these moments of happiness. Then, I resumed my work.

After an hour when I finished my office work and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for the family, I asked him about his day. He said his day was wonderful. He said that he checked in the morning, that the Black Lotus app suggested to “Pick up litter” as a RAK for today and he is on top of the world as he was able to find some litter in school and brought it home to throw in the garbage. He told that he is glad that he could complete a RAK for today.

I was both amazed and overwhelmed at the impact Swamiji masterstroke ( Read as BL App) can have on a person’s mind. To keep things in perspective, I want to mention that my son is just 8 years old( will turn 8 this dec end). This Diwali, He asked me if he can also use the black lotus app to meditate. He is on 16 days streak now and might be the youngest person out there who is getting benefitted by this incredible app, that Swamiji has so graciously given to this world.

I am sharing this incident here for three reasons:

First, to thank Swamiji, for taking him under his refuge. Without his grace, this would not have been even remotely possible. 

Second, to appreciate my son for his commendable efforts. I know now, with Swamiji by your side, one day, in time to come, you will also land to this forum here. In case, you ever read this, my son, I want to tell you that I am so proud of you and I sincerely wish that you walk the path of truth and kindness and attain the highest. 

Last, but not least, the reason I write this post is to thank all of you here. It’s indeed true that Kindness is teachable and contagious. When we see people around taking positive actions and being good, our minds imitate those actions. After joining BlackLotus, he saw RAK trending for the last 2 weeks. Though he was doing a RAK every day for the last 2 weeks, it was more like an act, but today he did it with all his heart, he was inspired by so many people doing so many wonderful things and wanted to be a part of this wonderful community. Thank you so much, everyone, for your presence on this earth, thank you for including us in your world, and thank you for touching and impacting people’s lives.

Let’s keep walking this path, Let’s keep doing awesome RAKs, and make our beloved master proud.

All glories to Swamiji 🙏🌼🙏🌼🙏

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