On the way back from cricket academy my son and I usually stop at a big departmental grocery store to pick something to refresh ourselves ( nariyal paani/ ganna juice/ strawberry shake or once in a while energy drink too) and then eat something interesting which is ready to cook as pre dinner snack to satisfy our churning intestines! Since the store is visited by foreigners aswell economically comfortable class of people, there is usually a sampling of things as dips( hummus ,garlic yogurt and Arabic and Mexican flavors with pita bread) or some newly launched noodles, juices or Ragi chips etc! One such occasion some months back there was a sampling of Momos( frozen ready to eat wow company which can be reheated and made fresh). We were already quiet hungry and tasted the dumplings melting with cheese ,corn and exotic spices in our mouth dipped in Chilli flake sauce.As the sampling girl told us that there was 1 pack free as promotion if we buy 2  I  casually asked her do u eat these momos too? Are they as healthy that the staff eats them too? With her big eyes full of tears she said no mam !,the aromatic momos make my mouth water too but we are not allowed to have them and neither can we afford them.This melted my heart, I have a habbit( inherited by my father) to always read batches of name of saes/ billing staff addressing them and  smiling at them while leaving saying all the best or have a good day. When ever I eat ice cream or food items I usually ask the vendor boy did they eat what they r selling me? If the answer is no  I usually try to buy what I purchase to them too( maybe as much affordable to me) ,So I promised the momo selling girl,she can have the 3rd packet which is free when we have the other 2 packs on payment! This time her eyes again welled in gratitude and she said the company and store policy don’t allow same. This is a complement to our Swamiji that she said ,so many people came to the store  tasted the momos  bought them too but no one bothered to ask that whether she had tasted what she was selling! Please don’t appreciate my kindness or goodness as this post is not to boast but to inspire may be even 1 person who is otherwise compassionate but in modest/ sleep mode.