I stay alone in Osmanabad for my work. Mother stays in home city Latur. 80 kms away. Wife is in maika. Probably my happiest time😂 just me, coding and os.me. No clash of titans. Just pure peace.

Mom gave me dink ke laddu for taking care of my breakfast. They are high in protein, fat and carbs.I loved them so much, that I forgot all of my diet of not consuming any sweet and feasted on it. Life can’t be better with following my ideal lifestyle. Exercise, food of khichdi and laddus for breakfast and 7.30 pm dinner.

But my hunger pangs made me realize importance of Mom in my life. As I came home from work, I began having severe headaches. I  didn’t knew what was the reason for it. I ate my dinner on time, but my headache  won’t go away. Just then a thought came to my mind, “I am exercising and that is why body may be asking more food and headaches may be it’s signal to tell me about it.” And look at the miracle of Mama’s laddu, headaches decreased after it and vanished within 15 minutes.

Oh my Mama, it is you who clean the house, thinking and caring about my allergy to dust. It is you who planted small garden in front of house to keep mood of house charming for me. Son works in the bank and feels frustrated in job but it is your tiny plants and greenery that cheer up my mood and it is your laddus which satisfy my hunger pangs. It is you who get up early 5 am to prepare tiffin for me on Monday. You have teared tendon in right hand but your love for me keeps you going. I am sorry that I can help you only on weekends as I am away from you. You take care of me like a toddler(even if i am 32) but have I done enough for you?😢