Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well,

Today i would like to thank Os.me and everyone whoever support the work of someone’s work.


Today is a great day for me because 1st time in my life i have earned something from my work, yes it is not like billion or million it is just in rupees round of 38 approx.  Yes it might be not a huge amount for many of you but it is for me because i have earned this from my work. I do get my pocket money in thousands but this tens digit salary have more value than the money i have ever got from others .


   I am simply a believer of hard work and in return whatever you get is your true earning either it is in form of money or satisfaction or both. 

   My belief is that my true earning is building blocks among people and raise questions that the way we are doing is right or it is the only way to do anything.

      I am very thankful to everyone whoever respond to my article and whoever reads it. Really thank you not for me only on behalf of everyone who work hard and work for good deeds.


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