Mind is a monkey which can’t sit at one place,
Mind is a monkey which is drunk so will do all nasty things,
And mind is a monkey whose tail is on fire which will destroy everything.

Just like a monkey who jumps from one branch to another, mind can’t sit quiet. Monkey mind wanders from one point to another. Such thinking is considered as ‘satvik’ thinking. Similar to a monkey who is drunk, mind does unpleasant and horrible activities. Such thinking comes under ‘rajasik’ thinking. Like a monkey whose tail is set on fire and is eager to destroy anything and everything, the outcome of such situation is unpredictable and totally different. Such thinking with a destructive motto is ‘tamasic’ thinking. The mind, which behaves like a monkey needs to be trained and directed in a positive direction. This can be done by disciplining it with patience and practice. Then only this mind monkey will become tame and calm.

Mind is restless, unsettled, confused, indecisive and uncontrollable. Mind jumps from one thought to another just like a monkey who jumps from one tree to another. The monkey mind is not satisfied in the present moment. It is constantly distracted with replaying the happenings of past events or planning for the future. Focusing of mind to stay in present can be achieved by practising meditation.

Excerpt from my book ‘Japa Meditation – The Easiest Way to Calm the Mind’

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