Sastang Dandavat at your lotus feet Swamiji.

What makes us (human beings) different from other creatures? Yes, you guessed correctly – it is our mind. We human beings have come a long way from cave dwellers to space explorers. It is all because of the power of mind with an infinite potential. What is the fastest moving thing you know? Did you answer ‘light’? Well, you may be correct scientifically. But actually, it is the speed of mind which is the fastest. As I am typing this monthly round up, I just visited Sri Badrika Ashram and came back!

But what makes it limited? Why do we fail to realize the full potential of our mind? It is a lot to do with our perspective. I do agree that, childhood conditioning also plays a great role in the process of building our thoughts and beliefs. But the most important thing I can tell you that, the mind can be trained to inculcate new behaviour. Our subconscious mind can be reprogrammed. We can have our beliefs modified. That negative attitude can be changed to cultivate seeds of positivity.

Actually, mind is very tricky to handle. At times, it demands proof and evidences and yet at times it seems to be illogical! At times, it assumes something to be true even in absence of substantial piece of evidence whereas at times, it dismisses all the evidences provided to support something positive and sneaks into the realm of negativity. In this digital era of all the social media interactions and instant messaging facilities, we still feel alienated from our own mind and cannot connect with it.

But as I have written earlier, it is possible to change the way our mind behaves. There are well developed methods for the same. All that is required is to try and what better forum other than can it be? It is the kindest corner on the internet created by our beloved Swamiji. There are loads of articles which are there waiting to be assimilated and ideas to be practiced. In our monthly round up of Mental Health, starting from this month, we will explore some of these inspiring posts to ignite us.

My Healing Journey: A young, agitated Taahira Om set out on a journey of soul searching. Bugged down and tricked by her own mind, she was in ambiguity. Then came the turning point of her life as she joined and tried to dive deeper. An on the course, she came out with flying colours. Want to know how she achieved all this? Please read on the methods and systematic approach adopted by her. Who know, you may be the next one to turn your life around!

To Be in Touch: How relationships play an important role in building a good mental health cannot be stressed more. This post by another young chap who struggled with bouts of low phases, distorted relationships urges to pick up a phone or send a message to one who is really in problem and needs help without hanging the phone just saying ‘will call back later’. Next time someone calls out for help, please be considerate writes Nalin Om.

Chronicles of Depression Part 4: The writer Gauri was so near yet so far from Swamiji. She had a severe depression. But still continued for months with her young daughter taking care of her. She went to a place just few kilometers away from Swamiji’s Ashram for driving away some evil spirit in 2017. Had she known about Swamiji, things would have fallen in place much earlier with lesser sufferings she writes. Very bravely she puts forward her truth.

Every Problem Has a Solution: Have you hit a dead end and the problem seems to be unsolvable? You should be reading this post by Palak Bedi. She writes down stepwise approach to handle problems in a better manner. An example is also provided by the author in this regard. So what are you waiting for? Pick up pen and paper and start doing the exercise for better solution to the problem.

Depression Chronicles 2: Vanquishing Inner Demons: The author Divya highlights the common problem faced by anyone going through a low phase “to be strong and get on with life; depression is nothing but one’s imagination. She highlights when and why her low phase popped up along with it the approaches that can be deployed to fight the devil with Medication, CBT, Prayer and exercise etc. Read on to equip yourself against the stealth enemy.

Thank you all. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2023. Do take care of your mental health. May Shri Hari drive away your problems…