Sastang Dadavat at your lotus feet Swamiji. Lots of gratitude at your feet for hinting some course correction and pragmatic lessons. The two days’ break to mark our marriage anniversary on 28th January rejuvenated our heart and souls (all four of us) and a lot of takeaways were gathered. Especially, when I asked the Odia speaking room boy of the resort, “When are you visiting Odisha?” “As quickly as possible came the reply as my mother is battling Cancer in last stage and doctors gave a week’s time…” It was too much to bear as the smiling face which greeted us for last two days, had such a crying heart inside. It again reminded me of Swamiji’s words, “be compassionate to the people you meet as most of them might be going through a lot.”

Even I was also hit by a bit of volatility since last two weeks trying to achieve a lot more in almost all fronts of life right from personal, professional, financial (you name them, I was a bit greedy to have everything at once) and finally crash landed 🙄 . Again a reminder to slow down as things take their time to give returns (whether in Stock Market or in real life! I admit my foolishness to hurry things up in an uncanny sense. Thanks Shalini ji for reminding me not to rush through. Thanks Medha ji for inspiring us to take a break and relax.

It is really worth to take a break and resume re-energized which will have a positive impact on our mental health. The haziness and cluttered thought process will unwind. Your mind will say ‘Thank You’ for the treat. Then it will start taking your side becoming more efficient and creative. So my humble suggestion is “If you are feeling fatigued, burnt out, please do not overload your prehistoric circuits in pursuit of that performance incentive or appraisal / meeting the stiff target / navigate through the volatile Stock Market every second to book profit or short-sell. Believe me, all these do not worth the toll taken by your mind and body working continuously and monotonically.”

So have a break and resume with new energy unless you are Swamiji who is in a league of his own 🙏🏿

Coming to the Monthly Round up for ‘Mental Health’, I was spoilt for choices this month. Our community has contributed immensely to this theme this month. I learnt a lot and had some mental conditioning as well. My obeisance to all the writers who contributed to this great theme. So please go through the followings to have some great takeaways.

My Love Affair With Morning Pages

Do you want to know a powerful morning ritual to unleash your creativity and kick start your day? Then don’t check your phone. Take pen and a notebook and scribble the free flowing words coming in your mind. Move your Spirit, Elena D has termed this practice as ‘Morning Pages’ and gives us the clarity how we can un-clutter our mind’s functioning with more focus and less confusion. And about the grammar as you jot down does not matter much as subconscious mind is least bothered about scoring marks in correct grammar unlike the analytical mind. Please do read if you have missed this one.

The Phantom Fat Syndrome

“No matter how bothersome our problems are, we always tend to be deeply attracted to them, connected to them.  It won’t be an exaggeration to say that our problems make us who we are! We LOVE them. Don’t we?” writes Prarthi Dholakia. If you can’t wait to know her ‘weight’ story, then please read on the fascinating post of the author who tells about ‘Phantom effect’ and how to exorcise the same to have a better life.


Here comes another brainstorming article from Alok Singha. In this one, he tells us why we worry boiling down to two parameters either a situation or our thinking process. As Alok writes precisely, “Now, what is ‘worry’, to be precise? To think about something is not ‘worry’. It’s when you think fearfully about something, over and over again. Initially, it starts as some tension. Then it becomes a worry. Over time, it may become anxiety. The most extreme form is neuroticism.” The post is worth reading and reflecting with a DIY exercise.

Sometimes, All We Need is a Glass of Water

The author Sagar Takker writes “We are usually more aware of our thoughts and the images that appear in our minds rather than being in touch with our feelings and needs. However, that limits us in our functioning. It’s like using only one tool to navigate your way when you have got so many others.” He also lays stress on how important it is to get hydrated (is not it a simple one to practice!) when you want to be in a really good state of mind and take care of your mental health.

They Don’t Know Me Son!

Do you feel a drop in the level of your motivation while doing something? In this highly motivating post to take up the obstacles in the ‘Warrior way’ Sri Hari Har notes down practical ways to improve the levels of motivation and let the mind work in your favour. As the author goes on, if you drop in energy, reiterate that you have used only 40% and rest 60% is still preserved in your physical body to be released by your mind. So push a little more and see the magic unfold.

From Omelge to

Another validation that is the coolest and kindest corner of the internet as compared with multi billion dollar churning commercial social media platforms. In this heart touching and brave post, Riya writes her heart out how she was not comfortable with a particular social media platform and was rather left lonely wrecking havoc in her life with unhealthy chatting and bad-intent requests for the naïve girl. Finally, she got her wake-up call and now in good company. And when one is on, obviously, no doubt about it! (Koi shaq?)

Apart from these, honorable mentions are in-sickness-and-in-health-iii by Sushree Diya Om a beautiful rendering sleep-lost-over-color by Heena Om and om-swami-jis-day-maximizing-method by Vinay.

Thank you all for your patience. Lots of positive energies on your way. Jai Shri Hari…