For loving parents ,their child is never over wight ,obese or fat bur a little healthy or well built or from khata peeta ghar! With regular accessibility to yummilicious delicacies and mast maula attitude ,there comes a time when to tie the shoe laces or button the jeans some oooeeee aaa uff sounds come from the mouth …thats the time to Diet,dietician and mindful listed eating with portion control , lets see What Nanu chand the most loved laddu of Sharma khandaan did on his solo diet program..

The Day Nanu consulted dietician he spent a good amount of cash in buying weighing scale both for himself aswell to measure food quantity he ll eat ,he bought a lower, a t.shirt and sport shoe to visit gym aswell he bought a log diary to note what all he ate and then he bought bran ,wheat flakes ,cucumbers ,laukis and moong daal and measuring glass! These are the diet plan execution day wise…

1) Visited diet clinic and got diet..

On the way buying diet foods Nanu saw Haldi Raam chaat house….ate chhole bhature ,danhi badde and Gulab jamun ,thinking, its last day of non diet food let me satisfy my taste buds. 2) The dietician had suggested Nanu an all lemon water day for detoxification the first day of diet but using his brain Nanu added 2 table spoon Glucon D to neembu paani whole day and kept telling his family he is feeling quiet energetic with no food, every one should be dieting.
3) Dietician wanted vegetarian Nanu to be on a high protein diet so suggested whole day moong daal, Nanu ate Moong daal pakoree ,moong daal halwaa and moong daal barfee as ,lunch and dinner whole second diet day . 4) To continue protein intake dietician had asked Nanu to have all paneer day so Nanu ate Paneer parantha ,paneer tikka and Paneer momos in lunch and dinner. 5) Now to balance protein was a starch diet day with potato as a mono diet…Nanu ate aaloo chaat ,alooo lachhha and honey chilli potatoe the whole day….
6) Since Nanu needed vitamins and minerals today was all vegies diet of Lauki so Nanu ate ghiya kofte ,lauki barfee and wadee lauk rice..
7) Today was fruits day…Nanu s body needs all nutriets….Nanu ate fruit cream ,mixed fruit jam and Ganna juice whole day.

8 ) This was whole day khichri diet ,Nanu took basmatee rice ,chanaa daal and put 250 grm ghee each time he had khichdi with Papar,achaar and full cream curd. .. .. ……. 9) The wheat day today s diet Nanu ate aata halwa ,poori of aata without maida and aate ke golgappe and gulgulle. 10) Today was cheat day so Nanu could have what ever…Nanu celebrated his cheat day with 2 litter Pepsi, 500grms rabree ,Masala dosa and Biryaani i e Khaas Tomorrow was dietician office Visiting day who s scale showed Nanu was 4.5 kg and 3 inches plus! ………….Nanu is very confused…
Oh please tell when Nanu followed Dietician completely why dint he LOOSE WEIGHT????

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