One fine day we would have decided to change ourselves. We would take Sankalp that I will try to be as sathvik as possible. I will not shout at anyone. I will forgive people for their unfaithful act towards me and so on. It could be because of a lecture we listened to in the morning delivered by our guru or maybe because we were in good mood. That is the day you will face the most challenging circumstances.

It could start with breakfast at home, a lunatic at the road, a very critical client or boss. Soon we will lose patience. The problem here is  2 things

1-Whatever happens I will stay calm.

Is this prudent? When we are faced with danger and injustice should we stay calm and not fight? What is the logic in it? We will be wiped out soon. What happened to Tibet as a nation? Is not fighting an option?

2-But fighting and taking on injustice also disturb our inner peace. Now, what to do?

Let me give you an analogy.

It’s a beautiful night. You come to bed early, switched on AC, you lie down on memory plus mattress. When everything seems to go well. Comes the mosquito making that annoying sound and flying around us. You try to be sathvik as possible. Just push it away. It comes back again and again. How long you think you will stay sathvik? For few moments you become very conscious stop everything you do. Even during meditation we would not have been so attentive.

If you start a conversation with it, assuming it hears and understands by divine interference. You tell the mosquito. Please mosquito I need to sleep well today, there is nothing personal between you and me. Why are you troubling me, what wrong I did to you? I don’t even switch on the mosquito repellent. Is it going to hear and change its behaviour? Or after swatting it with an electric bat do you feel bad for it. Oh, my poor mosquito. I have killed you. I have committed a sin.

No, we don’t do that either. When something troubles me I try to solve it. That is the basis of evolution. We tried to solve all problems and here we are today. Discoveries, invention, new business models and of course even spirituality/religion is a product of our intention  to solve our problems.

So when a mosquito troubles you don’t give it a thought you just swat it. You don’t feel remorse or you don’t let It bite you.

Same way in our life we will face very tough people. It could be our children, sibling or partner. After all that we did to them. They would ditch us. They will not reciprocate in the same way. Never feel angry at what they did. Imagine them like a mosquito. They do it because they are like that. You don’t even have to blame them.  In spite of us being reasonable they will harm us. It is just there nature. Never fell sorry to fight back.

It is true that the less we respond to negative people the more peaceful our life will become at the same time when it crosses a limit never hesitate to respond firmly. Don’t get upset, don’t get frightened just face them. Your peace and happiness are of paramount importance for you. I might sound selfish. But again imagine swatting a mosquito.

Every question raised in our mind, our scriptures have an answer to it. It could be in Vedas, Upanishad or Ithihasa. For this question look at Baghavath Gita. Pandavas tried their best to avoid conflict. But when nothing could be done. Lord Krishna preached Baghavath Gita to the deluded Arjuna, asking him to fight.

Fight for what is rightfully yours, if you want to avoid confrontation ask for at least 5 villages. If nothing is offered. When confrontation is unavoidable. Neither regret swatting this negative person nor be Foolish to let them bite you.