I want to go out alone and eat. Naah!! Let’s cook at home; why waste? How many times have we all done this? We cancel our plans most of the time. Sometimes we want to buy a dress, a book, get a head massage, or something, but what we do is cancel. Why? Because that’s the thing we were going to do for ourselves. If all of these things were for someone else, we would never think of that.

So, why do we restrict ourselves when it comes to us? Why things seem wasted on us? I don’t know the exact answer as I also fall in that category. I was searching for hundreds of excuses when I thought of buying a gym membership and getting my hair straight. But we don’t need to.

We should invest in ourselves. Why do we do that much hard work when we cannot live the desired life? We need to sleep on this thought and get the answer.

What I do is, I tell myself, don’t think much. You are managing well. So, do whatever you love to do.

You can also tell this to yourself. See, the thing is, we all need to manage. Although we all waste our time and money on unnecessary things, why not spend on you when you are most important?

Investing in ourselves helps us grow and makes us feel confident and better. I am glad I invested in the gym membership. That helps me in keeping my head and body tuned.

So, Don’t cry over that so much. Invest in you. You are not a waste. It will help if you get cared and pampered.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

Image credit: https://www.weeditpodcasts.com/