As most community is aware with Swamiji s unconditional and immense grace, I have been a medium to provide medicine to below poverty line Government hospital patients who live in a shelter house opposite Aiims in most inhuman conditions with 4 washrooms for 250 people.  Pre covid it was a self commitment to visit the patients 20 hours a month and help them by making them laugh ,or making them understand their medicine dosage or accompany them to hospital to understand what the doctor wants to get them tested for or getting them spectacles/ hearing aid / air bed/ wheel chair or even book ambulance for their lab tests.  On one such occasions Anshika Om from London called me to help her recommend some extremely needy family to sponsor their one Girl child’s education. In the shelter home I used to visit ,was a family with a 16 year old mentally challenged boy who often soiled his clothes, his 4 year old extremely intelligent deaf sister who had come for speech therapy and there very  simpleton father who never was greedy or demanding whenever someone came to distribute ration or old clothes in the Shelter home. I knew the family had another class 4 daughter who was in some small town with her grandparents in a private school and for submitting who s fee the father had to every month go to his home town ,do odd jobs and then come back to his wife and kids ( the mother of kids couldn’t handle two sick kids together physically). Since I had there contact details and I knew how genuine and in need they were I requested Anshika to help them.The magnanimous and most humble Anshika releaved the family by submitting the whole annual fee of their Daughter Sanju after talking to her on phone and taking a promise from her to study efficiently and regular aswell motivating her that she was the only hope for her parents and struggling siblings.( it’s been over 3 years and Anshika is still helping the family unconditionally)The next visit I had at Aiims Dharamshala,( shelter home) the sick kids father as soon as he saw me enter the compound smiled and ran outside towards the gate with his eyes glued to the ground! As I was talking and laughing with other patients he came back after 10 minutes with a Bisleri bottle in his hand ,and gifted it to me almost sitting on his knees with outmost gratitude! My eyes got moist seeing the simple man’s thoughtfulness and innocence and Swamiji s grace.