Gururmadhye sthitā mātā mātrimadhye sthita guru|

Gururmātā namastestu mātriguru namāmyaham||

Within the Guru dwells the Mother, within the Mother dwells the Guru, salutation to this Guru-Mother. I salute this Mother-Guru.

She feared for the three

But the prophecy so sweet

The lord set the stage

For the sacred sage

His arrival

The world awaits

How graced 

The sacred Basil leaves

To be the first 

To touch Lord’s little lips

He tasted the godly nectar

Before any earthy treat

In Matarani’s nurturing womb

Lord rested,

The saviour of this race

She bore it all

In her loving grace

From little lies to big sacrifice

The toiling nights of the renunciate

Shadowed in her sleepless eyes

Incessant efforts of the divine sage

Echoed in her unresting prayers

Unfathomable Grace

You showered on this race.

Our Humble obeisances to Matarani for the being the source of Abundant Grace.

Featured image : Omswami(.)org/MahaShivaratri

Swami ji, offering this poem to you, to The Mother Divine in you. You are the feminine force within us. Holding us understanding us, walking with us on this mortal journey and beyond. Swami, We Love You 😭 ❤🙏

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