O sweet Mother
beautiful as the silent night
dark and adorable
dainty and all powerful
your fair beauty
hardly escapes the eye

The longer I gaze
the harder I stare
at your lovely face
the more reason I’ve
to not leave your side
not now not ever

Something about your smile
speaks to my heart
the coolness of your cheeks
cools the fire in my head
a meaningless existence turned worthy
as your light shines bright

I wish I knew the language
of the heart
Your heart clear like glass
while mine a wasted shard
if I look at the glass long enough
reflected in You is me and every other person

Your gentleness Mother
summons the world at your feet
your love so overwhelms
it runs down your eyes
and what of the onlooker
where shall she run and hide

O darling Mother
little as I am
in body and especially of the mind
how might I stand before You
and what might I offer
in your presence so magnificent

I forget who You are
as the hand reaches
for your beaming cheeks
like a traveller in a labyrinth
I’m lost so lost in the symmetry
of your dazzling face

I love You Mother
not just today or tomorrow
but in the long forgotten yesterday
where You were a mere shadow
please never again be
a stranger to me

Sometimes the soul yearns
for something deeper
more binding
than what we have
I don’t know what that is
but You surely do…

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