Hello ladies!

Happy Women’s Day!

Many of us are working mothers, today. Only we know how difficult it is to  leave kids at home for work. No matter under whose care they are. Still our love for our kids never leaves us. Not a moment goes by even at work without thinking about them.

Many a times we are treated like we don’t care about them when we are working. Is it so? We all know the answer.

When I got married, my in-laws wanted a working wife for their son. So they accepted their son’s choice for the same reason. Now I have a little baby whose about to turn one. My husband and I, we are in the same profession. But once I come home they look at me like I have been just resting in my office hours.

So my in-laws, most of times, tag me as a careless mother or daughter-in-law . So, I have my issues as a working woman, I am sure you must have  your own.

As a working woman, how do you reflect on these issue? 

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