As a kid, a parent is always the protector, Sooper hero or even a Divine avatar who has to be strong and provider unconditionally! What we forget is ,Parents are human too ,they have their own relationship, personality, financial, society aswelll health struggles too. What does a child s heart feel when you see your care giver sick ,uncomfortable, weak and vulnerable! U r too immature and innocent to handle the situation but you cant run away from the reality too! My Father was a very sensitive, loving ,understanding and Gentle man! A tall ,fair ,handsome and brilliant English speaker with great sence of fashion with latest white patent shoes in his feet and so stylish that he used to iron the currency he kept in his wallet with my photograph! Each month he used to buy me latests dolls ,remote cars and teady bears smoking a pipe and playing a drum as well as a barking and walking puppy dog which i often used to break and get a new one without ever being scolded! We had a great relationship, infact i used to wait till 11 pm for him to return each day with a Cadbury s dairy milk choclate for me and we had dinner together! At one such occasion ,it rained really heavy in Delhi ,the flyover which used to connect our house in Lajpat nagar to my Father s work place at Lodi hotel had been flooded with atleast 8 inch water logging! Since on the way back with no street lights and a two wheeler to come back home my father s scooter skid and he faced bruises and swelling on his body! Since there were no mobile phones but land lines ,he was courageous enough to drag his two wheeler to park it at foot path and himself take an auto to our family Doctor! From there he called a 13 year old me to keep calm and listen that he needed me at the Doctor as he had met an accident! He said i should be wise enough to acts and avoid panick to my grandfather and mother about knowing his situation! This was at 6 pm in the evening, my mum had not returned from work by then and i dint want to make my Dadaji anxious so i ran to our family Doctor who was walking distance away, i took some emergency fund which my parents had diclosed me to use when it was chaotic situation! I held my father’s hand tight ,kept caressing his forehead till the doctor gave him an injection of tetnus and some dressing on his wounds! Thankfully he had no fractures or major head injuries due to helmet and ofcourse my brother Hanumanji protecting him! I brought him home in a Ricckshaw, made hot turmeric milk for him ,gave him fresh clothes even made bread butter for him! Till my mom came back i had even given him medicine doctor had prescribed bringing it from chemist! I knew none of the things i did ,but i think my Motherly instincts that time too made me a parent s Mother! Have you ever taken care of your parent as a child? How fid you feel in your heart?