Mothers and Daughters: A Tribute to Mom

‘Once Again’

My eyes long to see your smile,

Ears to hear your voice,

Hands to feel your loving touch,

My heart to feel the warmth of your embrace,

Of moments gone by,

Taken for granted.


In your strength I found mine,

In your frailties were mine,

I saw your Life’s struggles and learnt mine,

I saw you face the storms alone and brave,

And I knew I would have to face mine.


You showed me your way,

I showed you mine.

Both fellow travelers,

Sharing our ways.

Like friends — in these moments,

We opened our hearts,

Each being a teacher and taught.


You rejoiced in my triumphs,

As I in yours,

Your life a mix of Life’s practicalities

And the Sublime.

My first steps in Faith,

I took with you.


And in the end,

Childlike — so fragile,

Your spirit crumbling

Like the dying embers of a flame,

That once had burnt so bright.

With dignity — a succour for all.


I stood by helpless,

Numbed by pain — with emptiness,

Now only memories remain.

Please forgive me,

If I ever caused you pain.


I long to see your smile,

To feel,

Your loving touch,

And the warmth of your embrace,

Once Again.

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