India has deep rooted cultural and family values where most marriages are arranged or a new term…love cum arranged or we are supposed to love after our families arrange us a suitable match! Suitable…( not wearing a business suit for a boy) or ( not wearing a patiyala suit for a girl) but the Similar educational, language ,financial status and traditions of the family! But if we are in a new city with least social network how do we find a perffect match for our Elligible boy or girl????? Any guesses….Yes the age old News paper…it is cheaper than web sights as jeevan, it has more reach to people and its tried and tested from our parents alliance to ours! The constitution of India says no citizen would be discriminated on basis of cast ,colour ,creed ,language ,sex or language! The matrimonial section on the other hand has every one classified according to their cast ,sub cast ,ofcource colour hight ,4 figure salary, language spoken ,horror scope,age ,virginity status and Parental house ownership aswell Professional position! Each boy weather himself having a hippo potamus tummy wants a slim girl! Every girl weather 33% wants a well educated boy! Each family quarrel some and irritated mother is described as educated, religious and pious lady! Each Father in law from both sides is a self made man owning own flat with installments paid and a broad mind! Each sister of eligible boy and girl side is very docile ,while she may have just sreamed on parlour lady for not getting the desired result of nail extention! Most add mention the food preferences of vegetables or Maas machhlee the suitor should be eating aswell displays colour of the bride and the probable groom!The Matrimonial adds of the most sacred pillar of indian Society is nothing less than a Mithyaa bhaav flaunting marriage job intervieee s bio data! Further in this series…to be followed ! Swami ly you can add if you too noticed something funny in these Matrimonial adds!

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