Will Life be same after Covid-19? I feel that we are at the beginning of the end, waiting for a new beginning. Every day multiple forecasts appear, reports of jobs being lost, millions of people being pushed into the poverty, children being dropped out of school are published. Emotions during this situation are very similar to grief, and people experience emptiness and sadness about the loss of their normal lives, which can even lead to a loss of meaning in life. 

My mumma got her first vaccine shot on April 15th and since then she was sick. Initially we thought it was due to vaccination but her situation deteriorated after 4 days. We got her tested and she turned out to be COVID positive. As all of us were in contact with her, everyone at my home got positive. Two days later, her condition worsened and her spo2 dropped to 85. She got very nervous after seeing her readings. I made her lie down in my lap and said “daro nahi, sab thik hai, aap thik ho jaaoge”. (Deep down, I was sacred for her, my sister, papa, my family). My father and I made millions of calls to strangers for oxygen cylinder, a bed or anything which would help her get better. I could see my father sitting helpless, calling people and getting only one answer, “Bed nahi hai, jab available honge toh bata denge”. I knew that I would not get any response but I still chose to write an email to DM, UP health ministry, Central Health Ministry, CMO’s office. In those two days, I had firsthand experience of red – tapism, corruption, flawed grievance redressal infrastructure and most of all helplessness.  I myself was sick and managing everything had become a night mare for me. My sister and I were on our toes monitoring mumma’s spO2 after every 2 hours, making her do everything which would help raising her spO2 level.

What kept me going? Faith in Sri Hari Bhagwan Ji and Swami Ji. I prayed to Swami Ji, “Please dhyaan rakhna mummy ka, unko thik kar do” and went to sleep. I woke up at 3 in the morning to check her spo2 level and it was 94. I sighed a relief and looked at mumma’s face. She was sleeping peacefully like a baby. 

But as they every crisis makes you stronger and better, turns out this covid situation at home made me and my sister more responsible. We both are a great team. We not only looked after our parents but also had each other’s back. I learnt to manage my studies along with all the household chores. Initially it was a daunting task and I had emotional break downs but I adjusted myself to the situation. I also became sure of my decision of cracking UPSC CSE. Things are not very great with the system and I may not be able to change everything or bring a drastic change to this world but if I could help only a few people it will at least change the world for them.  

P.S~ My mumma is recovering and she has been advised the bed rest for an another 1 and a half month. I am very fortunate to have been blessed with good friends who along with my sister and Krittika kept me sane in that dire situation.

Please stay safe everyone and take care of your loved ones. This too shall pass.