“” Hello ,Bua .

What do i do? Everyone has left and i m alone “Called my 7 year old daughter to my Sister in law who was half asleep after a tiring day at school. She sprang up from her bed and incoherently spoke ” what, Viveka? Where are you ? With whom ? ” My daughter replied sobbing ” Bua ,it was my best freind Shreya s Barbie themed 7th b.day party at Pizza hut Mgf mall and mom dropped me to fetch me after 2 hours but its 3 hours ,everyone has left even , Shreya s mom is about to leave! What do i do? ” Regaining her alertness my sister in law saw the number from which phone came and said,” But this is Meera s number! Where is she?” to this almost in tears a low volumed Viveka replied ” Bua mom said what will she do for 2 hours at b.day party ,so she is roaming and doing window shopping in mall ,for my security she gave me this phone” Back then there were no smart phones but ,non expensive and handy Dabba phones, ” Ok ,dont worry Viveka,Bua is just arranging something, u dont leave Shreya s mom and keep the phone handy ” responded my Sister in law consoling her neice . Next she rang my husband in most authoritative and concerned voice ” Bhaiya do u know where Viveka is ? And how about Meera, how can she be so careless for a young child?”” Before my puzzled husband could respond..
My sister in law heard a joyous voice full of victory….” APRIL FOOL BUAA” … this is Viveka…we pranked you , My husband had come home that day early for evening tea and me ,Viveka and phone were together with him..

It was April 1st 2007!

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