I was not well for a lot of time but since a few months I am doing well and am improving. It’s been some time now, some months since my family got united and much of everything is fine. There is more love and understanding between our family members now, all due to Swamiji’s grace.

In order to inculcate good habits in her children mummy made a daily to-do list of tasks for my sister and me, which we have to perform daily.

The list for me contains simple activities in order to instill sense of duty and responsibility in me. The list is as follows:

1.     Make my bed in the morning after waking up

2.     Sweeping my room

3.     Cleaning my dustbin

4.     To serve food by my own self

5.     To clean the dishes after eating food

6.     Cooking food sometimes in the evening

7.     Daily half hour meditation

8.     At night go to sleep on time

9.     Wake up in the morning on time

10.   Taking our pet for a walk in the evening

11.    Helping in small tasks of the household

12.    Doing pooja in the evening

13.    Reading the newspaper

The tasks as you can see are simple. But what makes them a little difficult is consistency. I am not consistent in doing these things and now as I have posted this here, I will be more regular in fulfilling these simple tasks.

Thanks for reading.

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