The morning has again come to my door

Without much knocking about

The train sirens at a distance

The temple bells ringing in rhythm

The high noted chirping of parrots

A background disturbing ambience of honking cars


Peace is lurking from behind my glass door

Which is harshly locked forever

My skin has lost its colour

Amidst the smoky unfair air

My eyes filled with tears of sorrow

Don’t let me speak much with the world


Seldom I wonder of Devotion

The softness and kindness I carried

Like a drape of magic around my shoulders

The immense love I felt for sentient beings


The devotion is not lost

This heart is still with the Divine

It’s just that the work of humans

The mundaneness of city life

That sucks out the fragrance 

From the little lilies of my being


The sad faces give me a feeling

As if I am somewhere in the history

There is this weird uncertainty

People running around to save their lives

With fear and frowning smiles