5.15 am….. Heading toward mango park, the pleasantly cool air was making me realize the enormous potential of nature. There was a feeling of completeness. Oh, it is a little dark at this time. Reason..…. Maybe I came a bit early or a few dark clouds hovering in the sky or the delayed sunrise in the late rainy season. Park in this dusky morning was appearing mysterious. No, I am not scared and go back now. After two rounds, I would meet my walk buddies at 5.50 am. I will enjoy the solitude of nature,in the meantime. Those mighty trees with rustling leaves were enchanting.

I entered the park, tucked my spectacles in my t-shirt, did some stretching, and moved on. There was something fishy in the air. Little scared, I kept walking with an increasing pace of footsteps. After covering about 30% of my round, I could sense something wrong in those Witch Hazel and Jasmine shrubs. That mixed fragrance of Lilac, Hazel, Bougainvillaea, Rose and Jasmine was adding to the fear prevailing in my morning thoughts. Unwillingly, I turn back to look behind. Oh God… what happened to my eyes, I can’t see clearly..everything is appearing hazy. And who is standing at the gate with his raised hand?…. I can’t see his face… it appears he is pointing at me with something in his hand. What is that? A knife or a gun? I don’t know … I have to run. My God… how my legs have become that heavy. Now I have to run like Phoebe, thankfully there is no Rachel-type buddy who will be embarrassed to see me running. Oh .. he is also running but slower than me and pointing his arm at me. Mata Rani…. Save me… save your child. I’m running fast but my mind was running faster like a rapid rail… Oh! my dear daughter is working on a project for rapid rail. Will she be able to bear the sudden loss of her mother? And what about my mother ??? She will be shattered….My son… oh! No … he is busy with his studies.. he has no time to moan over my death. Run Suman… run you can’t afford to leave this world. You cant be murdered like this. My husband, sisters, and friends….how they will bear this tragedy?

Help me Prabhu… help me. What should I do? What does that person want? Why does he want to kill me? Oh… I have this gold bangle in my right arm. This is so beautiful, how much I love the fine cuts and carvings with bronze and rhodium polish. Quickly, I remove my bangle and again look behind… He is not far…. He appears young. I raise my hand holding the bangle. I wanted to make him glance at its beauty and worth. Then I threw the bangle towards him so that he is distracted. It must have fallen on the grass, with no damage… he will get engaged in picking it up and would be mesmerized by its beauty. I will be saved… I won’t be murdered in mango park. My dear ones!!! I will be meeting you soon. Where is the gate? Not very far…. It is getting brighter now. I almost fall on the grass near the gate. Now that person was coming towards me pointing his two hands towards me.  Oh, Nooo he is going to kill me by twisting my neck with his hands. Now, I have to surrender.

Suddenly I hear a voice “ Aunty, what happened? why are you running that fast and throwing away your things?” Oh, God! I hate AUNTY from any young person’s mouth addressing me. They can call me didi or mam. But now…… It was appearing the sweetest..the coolest word in the world. Slowly, I take out my head buried in between my knees to look upwards at him. I can see him and recognize him. He is Karan, my son’s football buddy. He lives in nearby quarters. He helps me in getting up, I’m ultra quiet from inside. Again, I look behind if someone is coming. No there is no one. Karan gives me spectacles that fall during my stretching session and my gold bangle. I hold his hand and told him the entire story. Now I understand the haziness was due to no spectacles on my eyes. He was running to give me spectacles which was appearing like a knife. Dear God! I felt too embarrassed to tell. I wanted to disappear from that park immediately. What Karan would think about me? What a foolish Aunty! At once I came to my senses. And I made him to promise that he won’t speak a word about this incident to anyone. Smilingly, he said, “God promise, I will forget everything about this day.”

I came back home as fast as I could. My husband asked me, “why so early?” I said, “Today I didn’t walk instead I did running. And I ran very fast.”
This was all about an abortive murder plan in mango park.

If hypermetropic, take care of your spectacles as the most precious thing in the world.
Kindly, don’t laugh at my takeaway as I am already feeling embarrassed.

PS  I would love to read about your funny experiences when your spectacles were not around.

Thanks and regards.