Today my post will be a musical post, because when words fail, music speaks and after reading and writing daily I need and I think everyone needs a musical break. No, no I’m neither a musician nor a singer but at least I can think and write something which can connect you to the music.  

Music, according to me, is a language which helps you feel the unspoken feelings which connect us all to the unknown or make us wonder that there is something beyond the ordinary. In fact, in Hindu and Sikh religion it is believed that this world was made from the sound or a bang which occurred during the big bang and that sound remained in the universe and is still there and will remain for eternity but only those beings who can hear are spiritually advanced. 

Another belief is that when one persistently and sincerely meditates, a sound called Anhad naad, as I have heard and read, is heard to the being from inside his own body but that sound is eternal and not like ordinary sounds. I know sometimes these things seem unbelievable but if it is written by saints in Upanishads and vedas, then I hold them to be true,  because I know saints are engineers of the inner world and their words might seem insane and out of this world kind but I have faith in their words, so I wrote what I believe in. 

There has also been an experiment on music and its effect on our body and mind. After playing the sounds of different Hertz, it has been experimented on water, and its pattern changed altogether. Most amazing part of this experiment was that the sound made the water flow upwards instead of the gravitational pull. I don’t know the science behind this but all I can conclude is Music has some hidden magic that we can’t touch or see. You can see this experiment here

I have heard a saint saying that when we do Mantra Japa, the vibrations that are produced also change the chemistry of our body because our body also has 70% water. 

Long story short, I wrote all this above story about music because I had to complete 150 words before sharing the beautiful collection of music I have saved as one playlist: Music is love

In this playlist you can find mostly spiritual songs, for me the definition of spiritual songs is a little weird so please check before you assume anything. You can play this playlist anywhere, anytime and you will always be drenched in the beautiful world. I have made this playlist public so that you all might add your own songs. It has Sankirtan, meditation music, Medley, Bollywood songs, classical, instrumental, etc. Hope you all might enjoy it and pick at least one song and after listening to it, come back here and tell me did you liked it and even if you can’t listen, it is totally fine. Lots of love and laughter and thanks for so much love.🤗🤗😊😊🙏🌻🌻❤❤❤

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