Blog- Music is the path to Samadhi
In nature there is a important place of music , it is the soul of souls. There are three different kind of music. One is Satvik and other is tamasik third is rajogun
When the nature formed or initiated , there was only three words , अ उ म
ie “Om “ Om is formed by three words only .
It is related to Brahama, Vishnu, Mahesh – creation , nourishment , killer respectively .
Music is being played at Spritual places whether it is mandir, masjid or church .different kind of music or song gives you the different state of life -child , young , old age , when we hear the song we understand the sweetness of song , whether it is ( बेसुरा ओर सूरा). In our life there is only two sur ( सुर) one is सुख and other is दुःख,the whole life is encrypted between the two components only , it is up to you that you sing in Sur or Besur( सुर ओर बेसुर)
Om Shanti 

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