Hey everyone.

Hope you all are doing great. 

I am currently on a vacation and enjoying life. Hope you all had a wonderful start to a New Year.  

Recently, Nikunj gave us a wonderful idea to make 12 promises in 2023 so that we become an improved version of ourselves.

And I have seen many of you have already started working on it. Some of you have chosen amazing tasks and it motivated me to make my vision board too.  (Though I think I am perfect but try karne me kya jata hai )😆

So here I am, sharing with you my 2023 promises of each month. 

January : I am always in rush, specially in the mornings and that affects my blood pressure. I have a habit of getting up quickly out of bed which sometimes make me dizzy. So I have decided to calm down a bit before I start my day. In short, start my day with some more laziness. 

February : Last year I was quite good when it came to less screen time but from past few months I am using it a lot. I intend to reduce my screen time, specially just before I hit bed. Except for BL app evaluation of the day, I will not use my phone or any kind of screen after 10 pm. What if I want to see swami ji’s discourse in the middle of the night ?🙁

March: I intend to workout minimum of 30 minutes, five times a week and I am confident I can do it. Though I did not lose much weight last year but I worked out on 445 days out of 365.  I keep a track of the days and my daughter helps me in that too. If I don’t workout she motivates me. In short, I have a personal strict trainer in her. 🤪

April : I love reading books. Lately it has reduced for reasons unknown to me. I intend to restart this habit of mine. Can I re read old books ?🤔

May : In summers I will be with nature and I wish to experience some harmony in my words, actions and thoughts. I will have my cup of coffee under open sky or some tree.

June : My daughter is growing up fast and I feel guilty of not giving her enough time. One day I don’t want to regret on this aspect. So I have decided to give my undivided attention to her for 15 minutes everyday. June, being holidays and less work, will definitely help me to fulfill this vision. I am smart you see.😃

July : This habit of writing something was suggested by my dear husband as he feels I am too bottled up and I should pen it down all. So, with rains approaching during that time, I visualize myself writing more . A cup of tea will make it more interesting, isn’t it?☕

August : I am a foodie (that’s why no weight loss) and I love all sort of junk. I want to be mindful of what I put into my body. Therefore I have decided to focus more on home cooked food. Please note -I have not said healthy but home cooked . 🤣

September : I am bad when it comes to mindful breathing. Though I have already started focusing on my breath mindfully recently, I want to bring into daily practice.  Also then I will be singing Saanson ki maala pe simru main pi ka naam for Swami. In short I will be singing in Bhainsa (Buffalo) raag everyday. 🐃

October: I am good when it comes to drinking water in summers but fail during winters. So I intend to start having more water starting from October so that it becomes a habit in extreme winters too. Damn I need glow and toxin free skin so water is must. 

November : My parents do not live in Delhi anymore with us. They have shifted to their native village. And my daily routine sometimes doesn’t allow me to call them often. They are sweetest parents as they call me almost everyday. No no, do not think that they are in love with me so they are calling. It’s their love for my daughter only. Many times they make  a video call, speak to my daughter for hours and do not even remember to say Hi to me. But now it’s time for revenge. I will bore them by calling minimum thrice a week. 

December : Whole year I will be tired of following this vision board. I deserve a break. So will be going on holidays for almost 20 days and eat whatever I want. Will try to stick to healthier version but see can not guarantee. After all vacation is to chill and give the body what it needs. For soul, many lifetimes are there. 

So this is my vision board. 

If you are inspired then I am sure you think you are lacking something. Do not bother. You are perfect.

Simply copy paste my vision board. And if you do not have a daughter then listening to your partner’s blabbering can be a good idea too. 

If this post made you smile, do drop a kind comment. 

Jai Sri Hari