Why bother about what all is going on around? I hardly can do much.   Let me soak myself in  the bliss of bhakti and spirituality.”

This used to be  my inner reaction, in general. I had almost stopped reading newspaper, listening to TV news. On You Tube also my choice revolved around bhakti, wisdom, yoga, spiritual talks. Along with this,  Motivational talks also are still a regular.  This combo keeps me in working order.  My inner self is dependent on all these as a support system.

Whenever I read about politics, the balance is disturbed. Whenever I see a YouTube on human misery, the balance is shaken. Whenever I see death and pain around, the balance gets affected.

Of late, the inner strength is regaining its lost power.  Mind and heart (still interchangeable words for me as I have yet to sort out completely the fine line that seperates one from other ) are feeling better.  I noticed this on many occasions.

1. Yesterday when I read this news article on Irom Sharmila from Manipur who had observed some 16 years’ hunger strike, I remained somewhat balanced.

2.  Yesterday while attending a social gathering, I was happy and enjoying as my old self used to do.

3. In an emotional situation, once again I was able to think over and be prepared to extend a helping hand.

I have developed an attitude to absorb things, to a good extent. I have somewhat inculcated improved  ways to handle stuff. 

These are the signs of good mental health, dear ones. 😊

I understand that many would not be able to relate to me here as my capability to give words to feelings is still weak.    But after  going  through  a  prolonged painful phase, even less is more; small is big; normal is extraordinary and average is excellent.

For example, ask the mother of an autistic child as to how it feels to see  her  14 – 15 year old child  managing to write full A, B, C  or  read 1 to 100 counting!!!!

Anyways,  I am so happy to see these balanced phases in my life. Its really relieving to see myself ready and strong enough to extend support to someone who needs it more than me.  On the back of my mind a thought of Sudha Murthy also kept lingering since long which has helped me immensely to regain my balance. She had shared that an emotional person is not fit to practically do social service at the ground level. He/she would start to weep along with needy, would himself/herself become weak and unable to impart practical help. For example, imagine at a sunami hit sight, the volunteers are just crying in emotion…. Who will help the victims then?  So, I need strong hearted volunteers as my team. 😊

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