O beautiful Lord Hari
all those years ago
on the eve of a full moon
I first laid eyes on You
You were quiet as stone
restful in sleep
not a care in the world
who could ever wake You
let alone lift.

As You lay there in that wooden crate
wrapped like a newborn
I thought to myself
here’s my chance to run my fingers
on your carved cheek
in that very moment
your beautiful face broke into a smile
a strange tenderness sprung
as a rosebud in my heart.

A worldly person I leaned
not knowing
who You were
I didn’t know what You were like
or if You were for real
or a chiseled piece of rock
made into God.

Today I’ve no such illusions
unworthy as I was
as I am
You’ve brought me far
now I live in your shade
a wee piece of your heart.

The cartwheels I perform
as You gently save me from a fall
is but a teasing show
of your endless power
You are the mighty God
You love like the rain
that soaks everything in its way.

You are the Universal father
who makes the child in me laugh
You are the Divine Mother
who protects me fiercely
I can never wander too far from You
You are the shepherd
I the silly sheep
who baas in your yard.

O caretaker of three worlds
Your children are countless
I’m one of many
and yet, in your grace
there’s the joy of affection
an unparalleled attention
that God alone can give.

Oh my beloved Lord
the great King that You are
please always be near
as the Sky to the stars
every heart beats for You
why it wails like a child
oh please just be here
caressing our fearful
and worried heads
putting us to blissful sleep time and again…

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