Firstly, here’s wishing all of you a very Happy, Sadhana and Bhakti filled New Year!

I was waiting to ring in the New Year by becoming a Paid Member to respond to the wonderful comments I received on my previous post. Sri Devi ji I am sorry I could not comment on your beautiful post and the comments are closed now. I have stated what I had to in your last post though. If time permits, please do accept my gratitude and pranam expressed therein. Rashmi Sharma ji, a big thank you and my pranam to you too. I have mentioned that in the comment section on your post.

I am not on social media except being on Linkedin for professional purposes. The reason for not being on social media are many. The first and primary reason being that negativity has no place in my life as on date. I do not want to be surrounded by pessimism at any point in time. The second being that I like to lead a private life. I am not comfortable sharing with the outside world as to what I do on a daily basis and what I eat and where I eat what etc. The concept of an open book life does not appeal to me. I am not looking to know how many people liked my posts, how many commented on it or how many followers I have. It does not attract me at all. What attracts me is simplicity and being a bit thoughtful in day-to-day life. 

Until last to last year i.e. 2020, I used to read as much as I could about people’s views on Sadhana and Spirituality on Quora. Unfortunately, when a platform has been opened to include all topics as many wishes to write and ask questions about, the sanctity is lost. It becomes a breeding ground for irrelevant, obnoxious (apologise for the word in advance – but if any of you see the questions asked and some of the responses received on Quora you would know what I am talking about) and sometimes very insensitive content as well. Slowly in order to maintain my own sanity, I reduced reading questions and answers on Quora. 

In the last year i.e. 2021, I transitioned into books. I have always been a voracious reader. But sometimes, the questions and spiritual concepts that arise in our minds are not always readily available to be responded by books. However, now I have found a turnaround for that as well. The easiest way to get answers for such questions would be to directly attack. Attack what you would ask what? Attack meaning just go to the source and our source is our scriptures. So, figure out which scripture will have your response and read through translated versions or if you can read Sanskrit then nothing like it – just read the text itself. There are commentaries for most texts, I think.

I was going through a very rough period in my life, last year and almost gave up. Probably help came because I prayed. No, I did not ask the Divine to miraculously solve my problems. But was seeking to understand the source of such misery. However, when one seeks a path with honesty, help comes in some form. Nature knows what is inside you. One may fool the whole world, but the Divine knows your heart. All the Gurus in the Gurumandala came to my rescue and gave me Swami, my Gurudev.

There was no looking left or right since the day I started trusting Gurudev. When one attempts to understand him by spending 15 hours at a stretch for months on an end, then there must be something. It cannot be mere charisma. If I would have met him and then would have thought O! what a wonderful Guru he is, that would have been Gurudev’s charisma. But when someone’s teachings in the form of virtual discourses and writings change and transform you from a mudhole to something else (I do not wish to write good words to elevate myself. Gurudev always says, be conservative when you speak good things about yourself but be liberal when you have to list out your faults).

I have read quite a bit about enlightened masters and saints on various paths. Infact, last year, while visiting a Shirdi Sai Baba temple near my place, I had stated that I wanted to serve a living master (read a genuine one) in this lifetime of mine. This was also the same time I was going through a rough period. But the want to serve and the rough period are mutually exclusive.

Interestingly, I have been very fond of the Shakta tradition and derive a lot of strength from it. Once, I read Gurudev’s works, what pulled me towards him is his ability to convince you without saying a word that Sadhana is a path for you alongwith whatever you do on a daily basis. It is my personal opinion that based on a huge amount of literature available on (all the writings on Sadhana on this website is also literature for me), that Gurudev makes you independent. Gurudev gives one all the necessary tools available to make you able. He trusts that you will in your own way make history with your own life.

Coming to the end of the post, I must say that this website is a treasure filled chest with precious jewels. I was looking for some help on my path. I am touched by the kindness of each one of you and always always always cry whenever I speak of Gurudev. I have never met him physically. He has graced me with his Darshan twice in my dreams. I do not know if it was a dream or whether he had actually visited me. In the second dream, I was washing his feet in a big copper tumbler of sorts, and he was smiling and looking at me while I was washing his feet. I love you deeply, Gurudev.

Till next time, I wish all of you well.

Gratitude & Love always,