As I open the doors

Of my feeble heart,

I see the two of them,

My God – my Bhagwan,

My Lord- My Gurudev.

One draped in golden yellow,

One in fragrant ochre.

One with bluish hue,

One sweet peach.

Lucky I was , I grew up,

Holding hands of my Bhagwan,

Later though, I drifted apart,

Far away from Him.

But  dear Father He is,

He held me close,

He walked with me.

Little did I see Him,

In infinite love around me,

Thought I was lucky,

When a stranger showed me the way,

Away from dangerous pits.

Thought I was smart,

In making the right choice.

Years ahead,

He took me to my Lord.

As I see His smile,

As I hear His words,

As I read His wisdom,

I see my Bhagwan,  clearer and clearer.

I realise with awe,

My God led me to my Lord,

My Lord showed me my God,

One is the purest soul,

One is the all pervading truth.

One is ‘Pootatma’,

One is ‘Param aatma’

Waiting for the day,

To meet my dear Lord,

To soak His feet with tears of gratitude,

To offer complete surrender.

Waiting for the day,

To merge in the milky ocean,

As a tiny droplet,

Drifting about His feet.


My first attempt at any form of creative writing in last two decades and my first post in

Please forgive for mistakes.

Sure, all members of share the same feelings for their dearest God and Guru.

Jai Shri Hari.