Jai Shri Radhey!

I offer my obeisance to the Mother Divine!

I hope you all are doing good in both material and spiritual life.(Well, I’m not doing good because tomorrow is my midsem exam LoL)

So, how was your Ganesh Chaturathi?

Mine was good…..

So let me clear in start: Maa Parvati is my Mother so Ganesha is my elder brother... I’ll not mention their name, I’ll address him as “Bhaiya” (my brother).

So, on 10th September 2021 was Bhaiya’s birthday… I hope you all know how Maa formed Bhaiya…..Β 

It was not planned at all that this year we will bring him home in the form of idol…. But OS.ME made it possible….. All I earned in August I spent them..… LoL instead of investing I’m spending na…. But I’m chilled Bhaiya will take care of everything na… I have you Bhaiya.

Our Ganesha, my Brother.…..

He came to our home in this form on last wednesday evening(In afternoon my account was credited by os.me)

Look at him he is so cute (My brother is married 😁)

On Friday morning I woke up early morning, I did my nitya karma and then I started preparations for his birthday. I had to do Pooja for him for blessings…..

“Bhagwan ke naam se hi Bhagwan ki nazar utari ja sakti hai”

I chanted Swasti Vachan, Ganpati suktam and Sankat Nashan Ganpati Stotram for him. I did something else to but I’m not allowed to reveal that...

After doing all pooja, here is my Bhaiya’s Beautiful very rare Darshans….

I was busy whole day in his seva so I forgot to take my morning, afternoon and evening meals…. You call this fast right? But I was too busy so I didn’t ate anything..

In evening I started cooking food for him. I prepared his favorite besan ke laddoo on my own for the very first time in this life. (My mom didn’t helped me in this trust me)

Hello Friends…… Laddooo Khaa lo…. 😁😁😁😁

Batao Batao Kis kis ke moonh me paani aayaa?

After this my Mom cooked Aaloo Poori……

Lijiye Bhog Prasadi Khaiye Bhaiya ki….

Hahahahah so cruel I’m, Sharing all these delicious recipes virtually……..

Laddoo in Bhaiya’s hand…..


I was able to do all this by earnings from os.me….

Those who supported I pray to Lord Ganesha to take all obstacle from their spiritual path… I used all support here…(I personally don’t feel good to reveal their name but yes I share where I used that money…..)

Now I’m planning something for Navratris 2021 {7th October-15th October), let’s see how much I earn this month, that will decide further…..

Boliye Jagannmata Ki Jai!

Shri Jesth Bhrata Pratham Pujy Gajanan Ji ki Jai!