While travelling through a public transport I never get down in the middle of the journey. If I have to then I get into the trouble. How? I boarded in a bus from Sawai Madhopur to return home after spending my weekend in search of a glimpse of tiger, leopard or bear which unfortunately I could not find. The way was long, the driver was driving the bus too rashly, and I found it more adventurous than fictional ride in 7D theatres. I was exhausted. I was tired. My legs were paining as I was sitting for long hours moreover there was not enough space between the seats to stretch my legs. There was a strong urge in me to walk a bit to relax my legs. I was hungry too.

The bus stopped at Alwar station. Before getting down the bus, I asked the conductor, “How long will be the halt?”

He replied, “40 minutes!”

Thinking that there was ample of time I got down the bus. I bought katchori chole, a famous dish of Alwar from the vendor. As I started eating it I realised my bus was not there where I left it. I was bit worried as the station was big and to search my bus was a tedious job. I took a big morsel and started thinking while chewing.

“What is the colour of bus – steel grey or blue?”

I can’t recall.

“Is it a new bus or an old one?”

I don’t remember.

“Is it a Rajasthan roadways or Delhi?”

I can’t recall.

“Where it is coming from?”

I don’t remember.

Then, what do you remember?

It is going towards Delhi.

Enjoy food. And leave it to God!

By the time I was done with the spicy katchori, I began moving around in search of buses going towards Delhi. For that, I went in front of the vehicles to check their display boards. To my surprise, near about half of the buses were going to Delhi. I asked conductors and passengers to help me in finding some clue about my bus but all in vain. When I could not recall anything how could they help me? I tried to convince myself not to worry even if you didn’t find that bus; you could catch another to home and could leave the luggage in missing bus as it didn’t contain any thing precious to stress yourself.

As I was passing in front of the buses to check the display boards, I found that the front pane of a grey bus going towards Jaipur has a crack, a crack of very small size. Now, I recalled that my bus has a huge crack in the front window pane on driver side. I started my search for bus with a broken pane. And I easily found it. I boarded in the bus with a BIG smile on my face.

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