I am one drop in the ocean of generation who has witnessed the exponential transition in the ideological, technological and cultural exposure, while having a brain which is quite linear in adapting to these changes and managing its consumption. Result, I am often overwhelmed due to variety of emotions such guilt, anxiety, dis-satisfaction, passion,ambition, joys, bewilderment and soo on…

My mind is so habitual of these unsettling and restless emotions, that if I get one day which I am not bothered due to anxiety and stress, I feel a sense a sense of discomfort and so that my mind start looking for something that can take me back to the familiar and habitual state of restlessness. Never knew, living in the moment could be so difficult.

Sometimes, I move to and fro my brain and heart when it comes to belief on spirituality. Perhaps an year ago, while searching for some answers to rest these same fickle thoughts, I stumbled upon a Youtube channel- Om swami, Or I read his book called, Kundalini, I don’t remember what came first exactly. But one thing really stuck with me, The Clarity in thoughts (at least on a few things) that made me watch and listen to Swami Ji more. Since then, I have been following his channel and his writing, following him in life is still a long way to go I believe.

I am slowly trying to learn how to just calm the mind, let alone calling a meditation.

That’s my current truth.