I miss you.

We are but logs that come together in the stream of life, travel for sometime and part ways. But dad, this log you left behind, remembers you and misses you. 

You are a soul, you were never a heap of flesh, blood, and bones. But dad, I miss that warm touch, that bright smile, that frail frame. That bony hand on my head was my biggest blessing.

You left that old cloak behind, to don a new one. But dad, I miss that old cloak. That kept me safe from the scorching sun, the frigid winds and the relentless rains of life.

Our bond was a Karmic debt, but dad, being a teacher, how could you not keep track? You were done paying me a long time ago, and you still kept giving!

Love is an emotion. It has to do with the mind. Or was it the heart? Do I cry only for myself? because I am sad for myself, and not because you are gone? Will I forget you? Tincture of time they say…I should not think of you and cry, because that drags you down? Does it dad? I wish I knew if that is true. Because dad, I do not wish for you to come back to this world.  Eternal bliss, reaching God’s abode, all that is ok dad. The reason I do not want you to come back, is because you will make another daughter cry again. You will make her world so bright, it will be dark when you leave her. And, you will shake her faith in the philosophical truths. That there is no duality, you and I were never separate, and this is an ever changing dream. And I will not know you, if I see you again, in another world. 

Or, will I?