My darling: Fever( Part- 1)
After few months of my marriage my mother invented her new love with everyday fever. Earlier she was having severe backache but as this new darling step in former got choomantar.Initially she took a course of medicines along her routine health check up,prescribed by physician and everything was upto mark.But I think her new love was on “ Hathh yog” and greatly in love with grace of body of my mother. Now she was on home remedies like Ghiloy Tulsi Syrup, chewing kachha neem etcetra. These Gatekeepers keeping a vigilant watch hence her new love started visiting her once in pevery two days. This Behroopiyana lover was trending with this fashion only, for next couple of months.As winter was ready to show its colours so it was a matter of worry for specially for her children. All were doing their best to make her comfortable…..
Until now I have only come up how dear fever was treating my mother. But how my mother was treating this new unwelcomed guest!!!!
To be continued……..#The WriteChoice