I remember the day Ist January 2021 me and my husband were going to attend a Birthday party at my home town(Rohtak) and my village is in close proximity with it.We decided after attending birthday party we will stay with mother tonight but on the way towards Rohtak I rang up my mother umpteen times,she was not taking call. During daytime she was alright.I called my Brother-in-law, no response. Finally my uncle received call and he informed she got hospitalised in emergency ward due to high rage of fever.We went straight to hospital. As we reached in parking lot of hospital I called my brother-In-law( he took my mother to hospital).He asked us to wait in parking only as he was coming out with mother. I came out of car just to have glimpse of my mother, she was crossing road to reach us but still her brisk walk brimmed me up with confidence that she was alright. We exchanged wishes of New Year. We waited in parking for reports. Got the reports within half hour. OhGod!!……..

To be continued….#The WriteChoice