Photo: Little me and my elder brother, with our Nannies.

Recently, I came across a book that deals with a lack of enthusiasm in one’s life and other similar self-limiting tendencies  in an adult. The author suggested that in these cases, it helps to try nourishing your inner child. A way to do this is by writing a sort of love letter to your younger self. It is also recommended to keep a picture of yourself, of that time, while doing so.

I found this advice useful. I am sharing with you the letter I wrote to my little self:

“My dear little Bobby,

I find you a very lovely little boy, beautiful in your innocence. I really love you and want to take care of you.

 I would like to buy you all the little toys that you like. It gives me pleasure to see you playing joyfully with them. I want to take you to ‘Happy-land’, where you can have all the joyrides and amusements you like and have all the ice creams and sweet chocolates you can eat. The sparkles in your eyes is more than a reward for me.

My dear, I absolutely love seeing you in your little shirt and shorts. I want to take your lovely little hand in mine while we go for a walk. Your innocent voice and wonderment at all things around you, just makes my day.

I love you exactly the way you are and feel blessed to have you in my life. You sing in such a lovely voice and to see you jump with joy on smallest of pretext, makes my heart melt.

I want to play with you in the rain and make little paper boats with you. It is lovely to see you smile, while they float away from us.

When you are tired, I want you to go to a peaceful sleep with me. I love to feel your little breath while you are asleep and like it very much when you sometime hold me tight in your sleep.  

In the mornings, I love to see you in your little school dress. And I understand that you do not want to go to school because of intense ache in your stomach. I can almost feel your pain and will not force you to do anything. I will shield you from any jibes that you fake it, so as to avoid going to school. In fact, I will consider home schooling for you after seeing you in so much pain, so often.

I am happy to see you become playful again. It is a joy see you ride you tricycle all around the house and outside. I am amazed by your curious nature when you go off road and play with other boys. I do not like other children making fun of you and will always protect you from them.

You are so unique and special that I consider myself lucky to have you with me. I want to kiss your lovely face again and again.

I love you more when you trust me and tell me your little secrets. I promise that I will never tell it to anybody or make fun of them.

I love to see you all excited and giggling when I throw you up in the air and catch you back safely in my arms. I treasure the moments when I get the company of your joyful nature. I am amazed to see you learning ABC/123 so quickly and am proud of your intelligence.

Above all, I am thankful to God for having you in my life.


It is further suggested that the Little You too can write a letter to the Big You. The non-dominant hand (left, in my case) may be used while doing so. It aids in bypassing the thinking, logical mind and connects to your emotional side.

Here is the picture of the letter, my little self wrote to me:

It is important to note here that your experiences in life is unique to you and may be different from other person in the family. For example, my brother Vipul Om, who is two years elder to me, remembers a nourishing childhood and is well adjusted in life. The important thing is to be honest with yourself and avoid blaming others or even yourself.

So, where this process stands on the spiritual scale? I think it is good for “loving yourself as you love others”!