Krishna….  How would a day be with you..

I wish to wake up to your melodious flute that you would very lovingly play for me to wake me up.. And I open my eyes to see your twinkling eyes staring at me and your fingers gently moving on the flute and your beautiful lips tenderly blowing in to the flute to bring out that divine soothing music while the cool breeze feels so lucky to have touched you while it moved and here I wake up to hug you, bringing my face close to yours just to feel your charmingly smooth skin radiating the divine aura and fragrance that while I embrace  you, all my chains of negativity detach itself from me and you slowly add the nectar of life in to me again…

I meditate with your presence beside me, and I touch the core of the silence within me. There I find you again and you have answered all my questions that I tried finding all through my life and now when you are here with me every answer just reveals itself effortlessly and you made me realise you are the noise within me and you are silence within me…

I go about to do my daily chores, but this time its with you that am spending every second and am wishing that each second should last for hours. No matter the kind of work I got to do now, you being here is enough to provide me all the energy and joy I would need to in finishing them flawlessly..

Can I now prepare something just for you, and while I do I love that hug when you warmly hold me in ur arms from behind and there you look at me playfully and ask will I be truly able to feed my love who holds the entire universe within himself… Then I look at you just to say, I wouldn’t dare to but being a part of your creation, I would love feeding you with my own hands and just keep looking at you, while you relish every bit of it and say, Dear every grain has become part of me just like you..

Can I play that hide and seek with you.. I know you would find me in no time, because nothing hidden from you… However you play it with me joyfully and when you caught me you held my hand while I tried to escape and you pulled me towards you and said how can you ever stay away from me when am the one whom you longing to be with…

Can we now dance for a little while… Ohh no Krishna, having you here with me I forgot that my physical body isnt that healthy enough to dance even if I want to… And my Lord when u said”come sit next to me” I hesitantly sat at your feet, and you carefully lifted my up and let me sit next to you and your touch soon revived my ailing body to radiate health again

Krishna what can I present you that you would always remember me and visit me to quench my thirst for you with your presence.. And you  held my face in your beautiful palms and said” I know your love for me and Ive known the days you’ve cried for me, I shall promise to come by everytime you cry out for me hereafter.” Your words brought me all the happiness of this world..

And the day came to an end, it was time for you to leave, I hug you one last time again and imbibe every cell of mine with your presence, until you come back to me to spend another day with me.. I looked at you like I was loosing my breath by letting you go and I held your arms tightly asking you not to go… You held me and wiped my tears just to say you will be back again soon and you let me lie on ur lap while you played your flute again and took me to sleep and you left with a note to say, you love me more than I do and when I woke up again the next day, the music of your flute was far from heard, but your divinely fragrance was still lingering all over the place and that precious note that you left for me was held close to my heart and I closed my eyes for a moment to replay all the moments I had with you and when I opened my eyes again my smile was enough to say that I will always have you with me…

Thank you My love for getting me to experience heaven on earth… I now Love My Krishna even more, like never before!!  

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